Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Paul B. Nesbitt

If you are involved in a real estate dispute and suspect that it may be necessary to pursue litigation to resolve the matter, contact Real Estate Litigation Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt. At Nesbitt Law | PC, we zealously defend and represent our clients’ interests throughout the dispute and trial.

Whether you need help with issues related to a mechanics lien or other real estate disputes and construction litigation, Mr. Nesbitt may be able to help you attain a successful outcome. He has more than four decades of experience in real estate law, and has been highly rated by his peers through the award of an “AV” Preeminent Rating at Martindale-Hubbell. To make arrangements for a private appointment, call our office at (310) 777-0448.

Real Estate Litigation

Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt works to protect client interests in matters of real estate fraud, defects, transaction disputes, and other litigation matters. We pursue cases of fraud and negligent misrepresentation that have led to contract problems or other issues. This may involve non-disclosure, incomplete disclosure, or inaccurate disclosure of property defects or financial information affecting the property. If any title defects such as an easement, mortgage lien, or judgment lien have not been properly disclosed or if you need knowledgeable defense in such a matter, please contact Nesbitt Law | PC.

Transactional law governs the purchase, sale, and lease of real properties. Such matters involve substantial investments and can pose a large financial risk. When a serious transactional issue arises during the transfer or leasing of a property, turn to a seasoned attorney who is well respected among his peers. Attorney Nesbitt can advise clients on how to approach purchase and sale disputes, broker fraud, and other real estate litigation matters so as to maximize the potential for a positive outcome.

If you have questions about commercial or residential landlord tenant disputes,  purchase and sale disputes, real estate defects or fraud, broker disputes, mechanics’ liens, or other real estate disputes, contact our firm for an appointment.

Real Estate Torts

Depending upon the circumstances of the case, property torts can remedied by various means. Legal remedies can include monetary payments equaling the financial loss that has been caused as well as punitive damages. The courts or negotiations can also impose ejectment of a continuing trespasser. Property liens may be used for restitution. Some cases will require specific performance or an injunction that prohibits unlawful activity.

For knowledgeable representation to protect your interests in a commercial or residential landlord tenant dispute, contact Nesbitt Law | PC. Whether the case is regarding a property defect, easement, eviction, or other matter, Attorney Nesbitt is able to provide reliable counsel and guidance.

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