Commercial & Residential Landlord Tenant Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt

Nesbitt Law | PC provides effective representation to landlords and tenants who are involved in a dispute. Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt is a seasoned professional who was awarded by his peers the highest rating of AV with Martindale-Hubbell. When you have questions or concerns about commercial and residential landlord tenant law issues, our firm may be able to resolve them.

We assist residential and commercial tenants who have reason to believe a landlord is violating their rights. We also represent landlords experiencing difficulties with tenants. To make an appointment, contact our office at (310) 777-0448.

Representation for Landlords and Tenants

Attorney Nesbitt drafts and reviews commercial and residential lease agreements. He advises commercial tenants and property owners on effective strategies for gaining their objectives, and he proactively helps clients reduce risks in real estate strategies. Mr. Nesbitt believes in providing insightful counsel that assists landlords and tenants in avoiding potential problems whenever possible.

Attorney Nesbitt has more than 40 years of experience in landlord tenant law. He offers dependable counsel regarding rental agreements unlawful detainers, and many landlord tenant disputes.

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Even well-intentioned and carefully written lease agreements can give way to a dispute between a commercial or residential landlord and a tenant. Lawyer Paul B. Nesbitt provides strong representation in matters pertaining to a problem tenant or landlord.

Commercial and residential landlords will find reliable support at Nesbitt Law | PC for evictions, nuisance disputes, quiet enjoyment issues, improvement matters, and more. We understand how to use the law to gain legal objectives while maintaining compliance with applicable regulations.

Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt offers residential and commercial tenants counsel regarding habitability issues, repair disputes, retaliatory or wrongful evictions, the right to abate rent, unlawful detainers, and related matters.

Schedule an Appointment with Landlord Tenant Lawyer Paul B. Nesbitt

Attorney Nesbitt can provide a private meeting in which to discuss your landlord tenant concerns. To make an appointment, call our law firm at (310) 777-0448. We also offer the option of our online contact form. Mr. Nesbitt will answer your questions, evaluate the case, and provide sound legal counsel regarding how to sensibly pursue your objectives. If you wish to talk about your rental agreement, learn more about the law on tenant improvements, or gain counsel on other landlord tenant disputes, contact Nesbitt Law | PC.