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Beverly Hills Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt offers reliable advice and representation for commercial and business lease matters. Since 1975, he has been carefully protecting commercial landlord and tenant interests. Nesbitt Law | PC helps clients use commercial lease law to facilitate business objectives. To consult with Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt regarding a business or commercial lease, call (310) 777-0448.

Beverly Hills Commercial Lease Attorney

Commercial & Business Leases

The purpose of a commercial lease is to define the terms and obligations that the landlord and tenant are expected to fulfill. Nesbitt Law | PC handles the negotiation, drafting, and review of lease agreements for industrial, retail, office, marina, and other commercial properties. Mr. Nesbitt is skilled in representing commercial landlords and tenants in lease transactions.

If you have questions regarding a land lease, or if you are a developer ready to lease a finished project, Mr. Nesbitt likely has answers. We guide clients through a variety of transactional issues that may arise in commercial and business leases.

Beverly Hills Commercial Lease Lawyer

Business & Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial and retail lease agreements can greatly affect the finances of the lessor as well as of the lessee. It is vital that lease agreements regarding commercial properties are explicit and do not leave a tenant or landlord unprepared for common issues that could arise.

Our firm strives to help clients avoid problems when possible by drafting lease agreements that clearly state the terms, how to handle potential problems, and provisions for any contingencies. This includes stating any permissible options for a tenant to renew or extend a lease, purchase the property from the landlord, or make alterations and improvements. Commercial leases allowing for tenant improvements should also identify the landlord’s ability and right to ensure any improvements made are in compliance with applicable building codes.

If you are having issues related to disputes among tenants over common areas, we recommend an appointment with a seasoned business and commercial lease attorney. In situations where a tenant wishes to terminate a lease early due to an unexpected number of vacancies in a commercial building or due to lack of traffic around a retail space, Commercial Lease Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt may be able to find a solution.

Beverly Hills Business Lease Attorney

Consult with our Commercial & Business Lease Lawyer

No matter how carefully a lease has been written and executed, commercial lease disputes may still arise. This can include issues over commercial premises liability, sale of the property, enforcement of exclusive use provisions, breach of lease contract, property management, subleasing, and more. Please contact Attorney Paul B. Nesbitt to discuss any concerns you have regarding a current or future commercial lease agreement.

Our office can be reached by calling (310) 777-0448, or you may submit your information online, and we will contact you to arrange an appointment with Commercial Lease Attorney Nesbitt.

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